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Original Love

Original Love

$ 18.00

1/2 or 1 pound of Worthy Granola's Original Love in a reusable glass jar.

Our Original Love recipe speaks for itself—gently sweet and crispy roasted oats with lightly toasted nuts, luxuriously chewy raisins, and the delicious finish of a salty-sweet bite. These flavors will leave you wanting more—but don't worry, because with Worthy Granola, you can rest easy knowing that your granola is as equally nutritious as it is delicious!

Nutritional Info 

Original Love, 1/4 c (30g)

Cals: 135
Fat 7.5g
Sat Fat 1.75g
cholest: 0mg
sodium 75 mg
total carbs 15 g
dietary fiber 2 g
sugar 6.5g
protein 3g